How do I deliver fibre to the cabinet for my company?

I am running a large upgrade project for my company. I am the IT manager. We have 50 people in the company, and we service a wide range of clients, and we are looking to expand over the next two years with a large sales push.

So to prepare for that, I have been tasked with a budget to upgrade the information technology systems and efficiency of our communications. The reason for this is that we just won’t have the capacity to deal with things otherwise. Our software and systems are a little bit dated and would struggle, just as we would struggle with our current Internet capacity.

One thing I have been looking at to try and deal with the capacity issue before the project really kicks off is getting fibre to the cabinet for our company. Basically it’s fibre broadband, but not quite.

What happens is, with FTTC connectivity is that the phone company run fibre to your local Street Cabinet. Then from there it uses the existing copper wiring. So it’s much more efficient than a fully copper wired broadband connection, which we have at the moment, but it’s not using it all the way from the exchange to your address.

So it’s a great way to upgrade from the existing copper wire broadband system. Basically by reducing the copper wire in the connection it greatly improves data transfer rates.

The problem is you can’t know if you have fibre to the cabinet just by knowing if your local exchange has been provisioned with it. You also need to know if your street has been serviced with it, and I’m finding it very difficult to establish if the business a state our company is resident on has that.

I’ve tried with the phone company and they are really not getting back to me on whether we have fibre to the cabinet available or not.

So it’s really a pain for me, because I can’t then start the major part of the upgrade until we get that in place, because as soon as we start implementing new hardware and systems are data usage will block it and if we don’t have an upgraded fibre broadband connection in place then everything will struggle, and that will be a disaster.

So it’s a stressful time for me and I’m going to have to really have a push over the next week or so to get this resolved.